A Song for a Strong Start

David Allen at StrongStart AS Matheson

I had so much fun with my new little friends at A.S. Matheson Elementary! I am honoured to have been invited to the StrongStart Centre, which is facilitated there by Collette MacNeil. I have known Collette for years, since I used to take my own kids to her class regularly - I am so grateful to have her support!

StrongStart BC is an amazing program that is designed to deliver a positive early learning experience for children aged 0-5. The goal is to create an interactive, play-based environment that helps children enjoy learning, develop essential skills and get ready for school. Best of all,
it's FREE!

As a parent, I love the diversity of the activities inside StrongStart, as well as the overall focus on healthy living. In fact, there seems to be a lot of crossover with themes that are included in my new book! Back when I started to write
A Song for Swinging, my idea was that the story would simulate a typical day for a young child.

I thought this routine could include: free play, exercise, being outdoors, eating healthy, getting rest, and learning (both independently and with others). I hoped that, if a child can identify with these familiar elements, then maybe they can understand the bigger messages inside.

Well, those kids sure seemed to enjoy the book! We talked about good food choices (with props) and then used multimedia to enrich the experience. At the end, we all sang the new lullaby together and I was surprised to see how quickly they remembered the words!


They loved learning about gibbons and were very excited to share their own stories about animals they have seen in nature.


I am so thankful to Miss Collette, the staff at A.S. Matheson, and the administrative team at School District #23 for providing me with the opportunity to present in such a wonderful environment. If you haven't visited a StrongStart centre, now is the time to check it out! There are different locations throughout the Okanagan (and the province), so please tap/click here for more information, including schedules and contacts. Start strong...and stay strong!


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