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Rainbows & Gold: Playlist on Spotify

Music has always been very important to me...and now to my kids, which is really awesome to see! And when we discovered that gibbons actually sing intricate songs in the wild, it made sense to have music as one of the main themes in my first book.

I have always been on the lookout for tunes that are appropriate for toddlers, while at the same time being enjoyable for parents too. So I've started a playlist on Spotify with some of our favourite songs and plan to update it regularly with similar styles/sounds.

I call it "Rainbows & Gold," which includes contemporary artists as well as artists geared specifically for children. I enjoy playing it from the start and then letting it run throughout our day - it is over 4 hours long and will continue to grow! But if you would rather drag specific songs into your own playlists and control things yourself, please do!

If you already use Spotify, I'm sure you know how to do this. But if you haven't tried this service yet, I would highly recommend doing so - it's free, easy to use, and gives access to so much amazing music.

1. Download the Spotify player to your computer or download the app on your phone/tablet. Tap/Click Here

2. Open Spotify, create an account, then come back to this page. Then
tap/click on this link and it should take you to the playlist on the web. Tap/Click on the big green button that says "Play on Spotify". Follow the steps so that you will be taken to the Spotify player you just downloaded. This sounds more confusing than it really is!

3. Once you are at the playlist in Spotify, tap/click where it says "Follow".

4. That's it - you can start playing music! The playlist will be saved to your library and will automatically update over time.

Special Note:

With the free service, I would suggest listening only when you are on a Wi-Fi connection (otherwise you might exceed your data limits)! There will also be short ads intermittently.

If you want the full experience with no ads, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Then you can make this playlist available offline and take it on the road with you (as well as all your other playlists, of course!) For more information or troubleshooting, please
visit Spotify here.


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