Launched...and we're over the moon!

There were lots of smiles on Saturday when Tingle and Tangle blasted off into space! Such an awesome turnout and I'm so happy that everyone had a great time. My family and I are so thankful to Wentworth Music for hosting and to everyone for attending and supporting us. Continue reading below for a fun recap of the event, covered by KelownaNow:

Kelowna posted November 18, 2017 by NowMedia Staff

Kelowna author launches first book

Kelowna’s very own author, David Allen, launched his first book earlier this morning with a signing and on-site reading at Wentworth Music.
David Allen at Wentworth Music
His book, titled 'A Song for Swinging', is about two Gibbons who display a happy, healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Their overall good nature sets a good example for David’s young readers.

David was inspired to write the book when his children discovered their love for Gibbons.

“It all started one afternoon with my kids before nap-time; we were sitting together on our cozy rocking chair reading a new book about primates,” says Allen. “They both fell in love with the page about gibbons and, every time we read that book, they couldn’t wait to see them again.”
New children's book about gibbons
David has an extensive background in music and, because of this, he chose to include an original bedtime lullaby within the story.

David created Good Natured Books in order to have complete creative control over his publishing.

“From start to finish it took about two years to write. I have a plan for an entire series of books that are going to follow the same themes of healthy living and being good-natured,” states David.
David Allen reading A Song for Swinging
The children who attended the book reading thoroughly enjoyed the pictures that David illustrated himself.

The rhyming verse and silly nature of the primates will surely keep any child entertained.
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On the Shelves at Mosaic

Right after the event, 'A Song for Swinging' went live at Mosaic Books downtown...and is selling fast! Be sure to check out this amazing place - the selection, staff, and overall atmosphere is really fantastic. They are the Okanagan's largest bookstore and have been for over 45 years!

In fact, they are celebrating this weekend with a 20% off anniversary sale! I am so honoured to be included here - and next to some of my favourite authors and illustrators! I can't believe this is really happening...



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