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David Allen and Family

A Natural Path

David Allen loved to draw and write stories as a child. So when his own kids began drawing and making art, David rediscovered his passion with them. He started Good Natured Books to share his ideas with others and influence children in a healthy way.
David loves being outside and can be found with his family exploring the forests, mountains, and lakes - or even just playing in the backyard! He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada) with his wife and two children.

Young at Heart

David was lucky to be a 'Stay-at-Home Dad' and truly experience parenting at another level. He remembers the day when his wife went back to work after her maternity leave. At first, it was overwhelming! But he worked hard and soon felt right in his element...and became so interested in how these little ones behave.
David loved taking his kids to various programs for babies and toddlers within the community. Story-time was always a highlight and it was exciting to see how much they enjoyed reading books. It wasn't long before they suggested that he write his own!
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David Allen and Kids
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