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  •  Featured Lesson: Resourceful

    When something bad happens, instead of giving up, see if there is another way to solve the problem.

  •  Featured Lesson: Peaceful

    Be satisfied with what is already there or given. Find peace with less and always be thankful.

  •  Featured Lesson: Considerate

    Keep aware of what might be really going on. Think about possibly helping someone else.

  •  Featured Lesson: Ethical

    Check to make sure that the right thing is being done. Good behaviour makes everyone feel better!

Tingle and Tangle are gibbons that try their best at everything. So when a regular day in the trees takes a tumble, they are able to come out on top - while staying happy, healthy, and in harmony with others.
An adorable debut from author/illustrator David Allen and Good Natured Books. Children will love the bright artwork and rhyming verse. Parents and caregivers will love sharing the positive messages inside!
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Also includes some fun facts about gibbons and a lullaby to sing at the end. It's the perfect story to read before bedtime or naptime.
Yin Yang

Note: If you are a school, library, or bookstore please contact David for additional ways to order.

Visit the RESOURCES page for photos and videos of real gibbons!
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