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Gibbon eating fruit

Why Gibbons?

Because they're neat! The idea for this came about when David was reading a book with his kids about primates. They thought the gibbons were especially cute and loved how they would swing in the trees. And, when watching his kids in the playground afterwards, David couldn't help but notice a resemblance...

Multimedia Links

National Geographic Kids is a great place for little ones to learn about nature and wildlife.
BBC Nature is also amazing. This video shows some gibbons swinging...and singing!
The Wildscreen ARKive has more pictures of gibbons. They like to help these furry friends.

Snack Time!

Gibbons love to eat fruit! Have you ever tried a mango or dragon fruit? They're available at most grocery stores and are very tasty. Here are some links to help parents or caregivers learn how to prepare them.
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